Madhuri Mohindar

Director, Producer, Editor



Documentary, Ongoing

Restore Fairness Campaign

Documentary Series, 2006 – 2010

Face the Truth: Racial Profiling Across America

Documentary, 2010

Restore Fairness

Documentary, 2009

Red Roses

Documentary, 2006

Tales of a Deli

Documentary, 2005

In Memory

Fiction, 2004

Pro-Testing Globalization

Documentary, 2004

Madhuri Mohindar has worked on a number of feature documentaries exploring immigration, racial justice, LGBT issues, and women. Her past films include ‘Tales of a Deli’ and ‘Red Roses’ looking at the experiences of South Asian immigrants in New York. Set in a beauty parlor in Queens, ‘Red Roses’ has received considerable publicity and played at a number of film festivals. She is also Associate Producer for ‘Personality’, a documentary centered around an aspiring Bollywood background dancer.

Madhuri has worked as Multimedia Manager of new media and video documentary campaigns at global human rights organization Breakthrough, where she has produced a series of new media documentary campaigns (Restore Fairness) on immigration and racial justice, including ‘Death by Detention’ voted “Best Long Form Video” for the DoGooder TV Nonprofit Video Awards.

Madhuri regularly presents at conferences, universities and forums on the intersection of media and human rights, and most recently was awarded an Experimental Television Center Media Fund to participate in the Flaherty Seminar. Her desire to integrate media and social issues emerged after a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Communications Media at Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai, after which she completed a Masters in Media Studies from the New School in New York.