Vaishali Sinha & Madhuri Mohindar


Documentary Film


HDV 1080 60i / VGA 640×480 (flip video)



Story Consultant: Richard Wormser

Richard Wormser has written, produced and/or directed over one hundred programs for television, foundations, educational institutions, and government which have received numerous awards. He is the originator, series producer, co-director/writer of a four-part television series,The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow, the story of the African American struggle for freedom during the era of segregation 1880-1954. The series received national acclaim and has won the Peabody Award for excellence in television programming, three national Emmy nominations, the International Documentary Association Best Series award, Cine Gold Eagle and the Chris Award. Wormser has recently completed the Emmy nominated PBS documentary Delta Dreams, the story of a dying community in the Arkansas Delta struggling to get back on its feet.

Editor: Sarah Friedland

New York based filmmaker, Sarah Friedland, received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2003 and her MFA from Hunter college in 2010. She also attended the International School of Film and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Friedland began her career as an editor, working on many projects including the award-winning documentary ‘Free to Fly US/Cuba Link’, by prominent, Cuba-based, documentarian Estella Bravo and the Emmy nominated film, ‘The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo’, by Amy Stechler. Friedland’s directorial debut, ‘Thing With No Name’, premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and has screened at many festivals internationally and nationally. Her work has been supported by grants from the Jerome Foundation, the Paul Newman Foundation and the William H. Prusoff Foundation. In 2009, Friedland was named one of the 10 independent filmmakers to look out for by the Independent Magazine. She continues to work as an editor and director in Brooklyn, NY.

‘Kashmir’ follows the lives of four young students as they strive to achieve their dreams in one of the most contentious and militarized regions in the world, Kashmir, India

Filmmaker’s statement

Kashmir is a place celebrated for its legendary beauty, and cultured people. This is also the place known as one of the most contentious and militarized regions in the world, where tens of thousands have died in the midst of years of conflict and deadlock between India, Pakistan and separatist Kashmiris as each lays claim to the region.

Having grown up in India, with Vaishali having spent time in Jammu and Kashmir in her childhood, we were tired of hearing of violence and abuse in Kashmir. We wanted to hear from the resilient young people in Kashmir whose voices had been marginalized from the mainstream. It was with this in mind that our journey began three years ago at the campus of the University of Kashmir where we met our young protagonists, who came from a generation born into conflict.

Like their peers across the Indian subcontinent and the rest of the world, they had ordinary hopes and ambitions, except they were striving to carve out their successes against extraordinary circumstances. For Javaid, Iqbal, Rafia and Aalya, a childhood rife with violence, curfews, crossfires and crackdowns had given way to precarious teenage years where an unstable peace had been established. After years of conflict, theirs was a land of people scarred by the loss of loved ones, living in a constant state of psychological trauma.

By bringing to light the human stories of these young Kashmiris, it is our hope that our film will open up possibilities of communication, understanding and justice.