Producer & Director

Madhuri Mohindar & Vaishali Sinha


Madhuri Mohindar




Digital Video


17 minutes

‘Red Roses’ explores the struggles that most South Asian women face when they come to the United States via marriage and family obligations.

Filmmaker’s statement

Set in a South Asian beauty parlor in Queens, New York, Red Roses documents the customers’ thoughts and experiences as they try to assert the individuality and freedom that are highlighted in an American society within their own traditional environments.

“I started working at Wal-Mart last year when I came to the U.S.,” says a Pakistani newly wed in Red Roses, “and that became quite an issue for my husband.” And whether it’s this young lady who needs her husband’s permission to work, a Bangladeshi bread earner looking for the perfect match, a middle aged professional who discusses the role of caste in a desirable marriage or a young bride fighting the stereotypical role of the perfect Indian wife, the stories of these women display tremendous courage in pursuing their dreams in spite of the beliefs of a far away homeland.