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A Tale of two CulturesApr 13, 2007

Jessica Koby

Voices Unabridged

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Documentaries about immigrants tend to be formulaic, but Red Roses is anything but. The main characters, especially nationals in America from faraway lands, are often depicted as victims. Not so in Red Roses. This little gem of a documentary is not so much a sentimental story about suffering wall flowers, but vibrant roses – women striving to live the contemporary life amid the residual constraints of the social customs from the “old country” they still hold dear.

Red Roses – The Life of Immigrant WomenJan 12, 2007

Staff Reporter

The Weekly Bangla Patrika

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Directors Madhuri Mohindar and Vaishali Sinha have translated their dream into a 17 minute documentary titled Red Roses’. The film is shot in Jackson Heights, New York’s prime location for South Asian immigrant women workers. The story deals with the dreams and aspirations of South Asian women, highlighting their daily lives with its ups and downs.


Cultural FaceliftJan 9, 2007

S. Sahaya Ranjit

India Today International, USA

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A newlywed Pakistani needs permission from her husband to work at Wal-Mart. A 17-year-old burqa-clad Bangladeshi in search of the perfect guy. A young woman fights the stereotype of the Indian bride. These struggles that South Asian women face upon settling in the US form the core idea


Beauty Parlor BuzzJan 3, 2007

Jessica Lyons

Queen’s Courier, USA

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A South Asian beauty parlor in Jackson Heights is the backdrop of a documentary that examines what life is like for some female immigrants in the United States.


Women expats story in filmDec 29, 2006


Apna Vatan


‘Red Roses’ is a documentary-style film that is a sociological portrait of women negotiating the challenges of assimilating into a new culture – it talks about expats.

A film on immigrantsDec 28, 2006

Reuters correspondent Samira Nanda and Times Now TV, India

Times Now

The story of immigrants integrating into a new culture is an age old one. Big-budget films like Mira Nair’s ‘The Namesake’ and ‘Missisippi Masala’ are well known films that tell those stories.


Notion vs reality: Films give voice to immigrantsOct 19, 2006

Sarju Kaul

The Asian Age, India and The Deccan Herald, India

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New Delhi: In a unique experiment, filmmaker Madhuri Mohindar and her collaborator Vaishali Sinha, both based in New York, have captured the inner feelings and voices of South Asian immigrants in the United States in their two documentaries.


SAIFF Day 4, SaturdayOct 9, 2006




RED ROSES, a short documentary by Madhuri Mohinder and Vaishali Sinha was their thesis film at The New School. This documentary looks at South Asian women who frequent the Red Roses beauty salon. It was an interesting look at the issues faced by South Asian women, many of whom come to the United States through marriage. A wide ranging set of topics were covered from immigration to arranged marriage to divorce and

SAIFF in NYC Begins!Oct 4, 2006

Nikhil Kamkolkar

Hollywood Masala


A rooftop press conference on a beautiful, gentle night in NYC began the SAIFF excitement! Here are some photographs and my picks from what I`ve learnt so far about the offerings this year at SAIFF. The festival is bigger and better with some really cool films including one by Tanuja Chandra – one of my favs (see my writeup on her “Sur”).

SAIFF in New York City Begins!Oct 3, 2006

Nikhil Kamkolkar

Indian Rising


But SAIFF isn`t all about narrative, fiction work! There`s some great documentary work folks! I`ll be checking out ‘Red Roses` by Madhuri Mohindar and Vaishali Sinha, two filmmakers who set out to capture a sociological portrait of South Asian women in Queens, via the interactions in a South Asian beauty parlor.

Few Shrinking Violets Amongst These Red RosesOct 1, 2006

Eleanor Bader

The Brooklyn Rail


When Newsweek deigned to gaze at the nearly two million South Asians living in the U.S. in 2004, writers Jhumpa Lahiri and Salman Rushdie were showcased. Alongside Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail, and Joseph Patel of MTV News, the magazine couldn’t stop gushing

Red Roses Probe ‘Uprooted’ South Asian WomenAug 12, 2006

The Weekly Voice

The Weekly Voice, Canada

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A sociological portrait of women negotiating the cross currents of two cultures, Red Roses explores the struggles that most South Asian women face when they go West via marriage and family obligations.


New Documentary Explores Struggle of S. Asian WomenJul 21, 2006

Staff Reporter

India-West, USA

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A South Asian beauty parlor in Queens, New York, is the setting of a new documentary currently making the rounds of the festival circuit.


Females, Fur, Fowl and FamiliesMay 17, 2006

Life with Movies and Maxxxxx



“Red Roses” (dirs. Madhuri Mohindar [and] Vaishali Sinha, 2006, 17 mins.) profiled a beauty parlor in NYC that has a South Asian clientele…